Sunday, August 03, 2003

Cats As I sit at my computer my cats surround me. Joey, a rare orange female tabby, sits to my right. Like all cats she is enamored by sitting on stray pieces of paper or cloth. Joey doesn't like Princess or Bear, who are playing on the floor, and meows angrily if they get to close. Unfortunately she decided last year to piss on the furniture as a way of expressing this anger. Very frustrating, since otherwise she is a really lovely beast. Mama Cat is sitting in the dining room. She is the only one allowed in my bedroom at night. She lies next to me, hoping I will reach out and pet her. Perhaps she is my favorite. She was the first cat, rescued from my backyard- knocked up and giving birth a week later to five kittens. Or maybe it is Puff, who is a lap baby. He is the sweetest to strangers, coming up to them and demanding to be handled. Puff is a big black pussy cat, and acts kinda girlish, my mother saying once to me 'That cat is confused." Bear is also black, and is a big wuss, letting Joey push him around. Bear's sister Princess is a gray lilac point Siamese with beautiful light blue eyes. She is the prettiest and I think she knows it.

And then there is Homer- who basically lets the cats rule his life. Is that a bad thing?

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