Thursday, August 28, 2003

Mike and I excavated inside the triplex house today. Traces of the people that were there before us linger- a drycleaning bill from 1924, a love letter from Manny to Babe: "Well I guess you found somebody else at Bwanos Bar, because you shure look nice when you go over their and smell nice too, but when you go with me never look that nice before..." Beneath the floor we find scraps of Hohokam life- pottery, an arrow, a piece from a grinding stone. On the actual floor and walls are the shredded embellishments of forgotten lives.

Layers of linoleum.

Fading wallpaper resembling Pompeiian frescoes.

Mike said, "Why don't you take some of that linoleum home and make some art out of it." It is going to be pulled up and tossed anyway, since it is so cruddy. So I brought back several pieces, bought some cheap blank canvases at Michael's and some dark upholstery tacks at True Value, and made some found art. I need to go back next week and get some more pieces, there is one with lovely red foliage and another with 1920s art deco designs. Looking at the two pieces hanging up in front of my computer makes me feel very happy.

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