Friday, August 01, 2003

Today's paper breathlessly discusses the issue of gay marriage. Our pretend president and the Vatican, both morally superior to the rest of us sinners, have nothing nice to say about the matter. Somehow gays and lesbians getting married is going to bring about the downfall of heterosexual marriages. Yeah, right. It is really about power and putting people in their place. Many people have this unacknowledged desire to be "better" than other people. Religious people seem to have this need a lot more than non-religious (you are going to hell if you don't believe X, Y, and Z!). Republicans want to stir up their loyal voters with the issue. It is also helpful for Pretend President to divert attention from the awful economy and those missing Iraqi WMDs. My opinion? Well, gays and lesbians pay a lot of taxes and they should have the same right to enter into a legal partnership (AKA marriage) as anyone else.

In other news, Joey cat is not happy. I have five cats- Mama cat, Puff, Joey, Princess, and Bear. Mama cat was first and she is the mother of Puff and Joey, born on 1 April 2000. Last May I found Princess and Bear in the backyard- they were tiny horribly sick kittens. I fed them and their two brothers (who were adopted by a lovely co-worker) and ended up getting attached to them. So five cats. And Miss Joey hates Princess and Bear and is mean to them and then decided to starting pissing on the furniture. So now the cats are forced to live in the study-their bathroom-dining room. Joey is especially mad because all of the lovely cushioned furniture is off limits so she has to use the litter box. It is rather inconvenient and something will have to eventually change. Maybe I'll send Joey off to piss on the Pope's cushy couch.

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