Friday, August 22, 2003

Yesterday's Arizona Daily Star carried a letter to the editor that I wrote:

"Procreation is only one reason for marriage
Arizona's Assistant Attorney General Kathleen Sweeney claims that homosexuals should not be allowed to marry because they are unable to procreate ("Goddard's office opposes gay marriage," Aug. 16).

If procreation is the standard that defines marriage, then why doesn't the state require fertility tests when people apply for a marriage license? And why are elderly people, specifically post-menopausal women, allowed to marry? What happens if scientists develop a technique that allows two women to make a baby related to both of them?

Marriage isn't always about procreation. In many cases it is also a business contract that allows assets to be shared between two unrelated people.

The state has better things to do with its money than hang on to discriminatory laws."

I have had over a dozen letters in the last year in the paper. This one struck a nerve and a number of my gay and straight friends called and emailed me to thank me for writing it. My hope is that someone, somewhere reads this letter and realizes that gay marriage is okay and the Religious Wrong are just filled with hate rather than the love they profess.

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