Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Happy 24th bday Sam. My birthdays have often sucked. Like Molly Ringwald, no one remembered my 16th. My 30th was another poor show. My 27th was, however, a fabulous time, spent with four friends at a park with gigantic boulders outside of Laramie, Wyoming enjoying some mind altering refreshments. I am on my last six days of being in my thirties. How did I end up here?

Last night had most excellent food and company. I went over to Bob and Steve's old adobe and sat on the back porch and hung out with Steve, who is having some back problems. Their new Pomeranian dog, Peaches, is like a living stuffed doll, but not in the Chucky way. She is so f'in cute. I want to borrow her. We had Dragon Garden Chinese- the garlic eggplant is lingering on my breath as I type. And chatted and gossiped and had an all-around nice. Good guys. And as Sam would say (he needs to do the Fox thing and trademark the phrase) "Good times."

Princess and Joey, who usually don't get along, can you tell?

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