Wednesday, September 24, 2003

The hurricane rain has continued for most of the day. Many of the north-south streets become little rivers and driving up Tucson Blvd this morning was a real treat. But I don't care cause I am in a good mood (extraneous thought, why don't the words "good" and "mood" rhyme?). Why the good mood? It's a funny story. Someone I know has been dating this guy for over a year and his boyfriend always seemed cold and distant. I always thought he despised me, hated me. Sometimes I would puzzle over why this was the case. I thought maybe he thought I was a nerd (which I am) or just someone not worth being friends with.

Well, as it turns out, the reason he was always quiet around me is because he thought I was hot and perhaps a little threatening in that way. What a hoot! Anyway, we have started talking and I have discovered that he is a really nice person, smart and charming and cute, and I am really glad to have him as a friend. Lesson learned: assumptions can be absolute shit.

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