Thursday, September 04, 2003

I can't stand to see King George II's picture or to hear his nasal, mangled English. Every word that he spouts from his prissy mouth is contorted into malformed sentences that are invariably lies. People who believe what he says, e.g.:

-there ARE weapons of mass destruction in Iraq
-Saddam Hussein was involved with Al Quaeda
-tax cuts for the rich will revive the economy
-clear cutting old growth forests will prevent forest fires
-cutting air pollution standards will somehow encourage pollution reduction

are either complete idiots, greedy bastards, or simply not interested in the fate of our country or the world. Some people claim that he brought our country together after 9/11. I'm sorry, but any politician could have done what he did- look sad at the appropriate moments, pat widows and orphans on their back, shake a fist at the terrorists. Every time I call John McCain's office to spout my so-called liberal opinions (such as, "Let's balance the budget"), I tell his staff to beg him to run against that pile of diseased shit that is so disgusting that even vultures and dung beetles avoid him. Oh, did I really say that? Yeah, more than once.

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