Friday, January 02, 2004

Redheads. So the first day in 2004 was running a little slow and dull, I have to admit. I worked on my book, getting so close to finishing the review of footnotes. I played with the cats. I wore my red hat because it was cold. I went to Target and pondered DVDs but remembered that I was going to be buying a new computer instead. I went over to work to print out some emails and my cell rings.

"I bet you don't know who this is?" he said. And he was right. One hint and his distinctive voice was remembered. It was the cute redhead fireman from Halloween night. He explained that he had been a little embarrassed to call me because he had been so tipsy that night. I was glad he called, I had been looking for him. So I asked him out on Saturday night.

And then today at the photo store, there was a really cute redhead named Andy. He was cute, tall and lanky, nice features. Oh my.

At home now the only cute redhead is Joey. She is sleeping on her pillow, behaving herself for the moment. I pick Puff up and he snuggles on my lap. The second day of 2004 has been kinda nice, I have to admit.

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