Wednesday, February 11, 2004

As the Stomach Turns. I haven't whined about it, but I have been suffering from acid reflux for the last 35 days or so. Almost every time I eat I develop a burning sensation in my chest. Sometimes I can even taste the acid if I burp. Next week I go to the doctor to find out what can be done. In the meantime I am taking one of those well-advertised brightly colored pills. So far it hasn't helped.

Compounding this is a little cold that I picked up from a co-worker. God-fucking-dammit. He had it much worse than I do, and I know it was him because I had to listen to his cough-cough-coughing. I'm feeling mighty stuffed up myself, I guess a result of the drive to Sierra Vista today, which is at a slightly higher elevation than Tucson (3,800 ft versus 2,500). So I'm going to huddle at home in front of the little electric heater. Play with the cats (Puff and Mama are waiting to be petted). And have a nice someone-sticking-a-knife-in-my-guts kinda evening. End of whine. Was it good for you?

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