Monday, March 08, 2004

Boyfriend material. Chrisafer had a link to the Match.com Physical Attraction test.

According to the test I am:

1). picky, drawn to the most handsome of the handsome
2). older than 30, younger than 50 (makes sense since I am 40)
3). So-called "Ecto-Mesomorphs," with narrow chins and nicely angular faces or So-called "Endomorphs," with full, curved faces
4). Dark brown hair (red is my favorite, but the only redhead in my test was homely)
5). "Bears"- They tend to be bigger guys, with full roundish or oval faces. Most have beards or some kind of facial hair. Typically, you can catch some chest hair peeking from under their shirts.
6). You also picked a number of men that we call "Professors." They're usually clean cut, handsome, and middle-aged.

Best match. The computer told Chrisafer this guy wasn't a hottie for him.

Some others that the computer says I like (and I would agree)

So who is your type?

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