Friday, May 28, 2004

It's hot, I'm cranky. At the Historical Society a patron kept making these grunting noises- "Ungh, ungh." They increased in frequency when she was told to put her coin purse in her locker. "Unghh, unghhh, unghh!" She's a lousy historian who once misquoted me. The sounds she was making were so disgusting I had to leave.

At the credit union the two women in front of me had difficulties balancing their checkbooks. One, with an Italian accent, was running through her checkbook for the last month with the teller, trying to figure out why a check had bounced. Hmm, maybe because you forgot to write a check down???

At the ice cream shop the hot fudge was stone cold so I had to make do with runny chocolate syrup. Not the same, not as good.

At least the swamp cooler is working well at home and Puff meowed "Hello!" as I stomped in the door. I think I will go play Age of Mythology and whip some ass.

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