Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Puff is on crack! Well, he is excitedly rolling around on my desk meowing at me. I can't figure out what is going on except that something smells strange to him. And now Joey is doing the same thing. How bizarre.

I went to the cake store and ordered a wedding cake for my co-worker/friend Rob. Spice cake, apricot cream cheese filling, cream cheese frosting. Red roses and purple violets on top, frilly white swags and flowers on the side. Two tier. When friends get married I like to get them something special for their wedding- a cake or makeup/hair for the bride. I cry at weddings, don't ask me why.

Last night Jason and I had Magpie's Pizza- Mediterranean. So tasty. We sat on the couch and watched Colonial House- some of the boys were really cute. I had Mayflower ancestors, and it was interesting to see how small the houses were. I bet they all smelled awful.

Jason. He smells good, not like Colonial guys.

I'm ready to go to NYC. The stupid airline told me it was a nonstop flight, but I guess nonstop now includes a stop in Minneapolis for a couple of hours. Me dunno English very well, or somehow the phrase "nonstop" has changed since the last time I took a flight.

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