Sunday, June 20, 2004

At last night's party we played Celebrities and the ones I put in were people who died in tragic boat and plane accidents. This preceded the tragic car incident, which I discovered this morning was a tad more extensive than previously thought.

It's a scorcher outside and I spent the early morning doing yardwork, which included watering the neighbor's fig and lemon trees, since no one is living fulltime at the house and they are being neglected. Their new puppy, who lives outside with Buddy the elderly dog, is so friendly, tries to chew my fingers through the fence, but chews softly. Buddy looks on, her little nose red where the tip is worn off (I think she likes to root in the dirt like a pig). Sometimes I buy her dog biscuits, and when I feed them to her I see who worn and stubby her teeth are as well. When she gets out she comes and finds me and I take her back home. I wish the neighbors liked her as much as I do.

Scott S.


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