Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I've been lying on my bed reading, the cats hovering nearby. Occasionally Mama Cat, lies down and looks at me. That look means "Rub my stomach, now!" People who say animals are dumb have little imagination.

Indian food for lunch- so good. The vegetarian restaurant that Jason wanted to go to has closed and is re-opening as a barbeque place, ironically. So we had Indian and the owner was there, as cheerful as always, glad to see me. Once we talked about our houses and she tried to convince me that a trailer was just what I needed. Hmmmm. No.

Speaking of trailers, I think newspaper photographers love to take photos of trailer homes flattened by tornadoes. There was one in todays paper. I feel bad for those people, whose little aluminum dreams get blown away so easily.

Joey napping in the sock drawer.

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