Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Hey it is Tuesday. I had a letter in today's Tucson Citizen. It is storming again- Adam and Brian up in Phoenix were probably in the awesome dust storm they showed on the news tonight. Tucson is always at least five degrees cooler than Phoenix, where it was 112 yesterday. Yuck.

A dirty secret- my all time favorite show is The Amazing Race. I find myself yelling at the television when people screw up. I'm rooting for the team that includes the dwarf woman- I like her attitude.

I sent an email to a woman who had sent me an email from Bush/Cheney about how awful Kerry/Edwards were. I replied to her that I thought B/C were evil people. She replied that she believed that "God picked the winner." Oh. I guess I should just forget voting. On the other hand, I wonder where 'God' is registered to vote. Florida? Texas? North Bumfuck?

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