Friday, September 03, 2004

I'm trying to think of something, something to write about. But I have the biggest block going on, my creative side a tad stunted this morning. Let me go find a picture....

Oh look, here's Homer uncovering the rock foundation from a wall built sometime between 1790 and 1820. I've got a booboo on my elbow, wonder how that happened? This picture was taken by a Smithsonian magazine photographer (he was a hotty) but didn't make the photo editor's cut. Oh well. I'm wearing my Amish hat that my Amish brother gave me. I'll have to write about him sometime soon, knowing full well he'll never see it because the Amish don't have computers. Or electricity. Or indoor toilets.

I like that blue t-shirt and wonder what ever happened to it. Not hanging up in the closet. Which I need to organize a little better. Where's Mark when I need him? Oh, he's probably making out with his cute-as-heck boyfriend.

Speaking of cute guys, Ruggerjohnnyd meets that criterion.

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