Thursday, September 16, 2004

On my birthday I did the foillowing:

1). got up early to watch bore holes being dug. Bore holes should be called boring holes.
2). went to work and actually did a little work.
3). bought the Scissor Sisters cd to see what the fuss is about
4). played Age of Mythology
5). coated the bathroom floor
6). attempted to replace the kitchen ceiling light. The insulation inside it fell on me and I got awful itchy
7). took a nap
8). talked to Oslynn, who shares my birthday (but is always 4 years older)
8). Ran into a friend, Tom F., that I haven't seen in 5 tyears. I am so happy to see him.
9). had dinner with Sandy, Mark, and Zane
10). and etc.

Thanks for all the nice words, it made me feel a tad better while having my usual birthday blues.

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