Wednesday, October 06, 2004

The green rattlesnake was tightly coiled. I wonder if it saw me before I saw it. Usually when I stumble onto a rattlesnake I blurt out "Oh shit!" as I jump back. This morning I merely said "Oh Geez!" and carefully stepped back. Oh it was a lovely snake, green and brown and all wound up, but it was watching me and giving me the creeps. I went to get my digital camera, but finding the snake again was difficult and I was wearing sandals and I was just a bit ooked out that the snake might wake up a little more and decide to strike. So I didn't get that picture.

About an hour later as Susan and I mapped parts of the old mill we start hearing gunshots nearby. Lots of them, with the ka-ping of ricochets as some of the bullets bounced and went their own way. We didn't know if whoever was shooting knew we were there. Luckily the cell phone had reception and a call to the office (with Val listening in at the gunshots) led to calls to me by the sheriff's department and the land office police man. But by the time they called back the two guys in the red truck had driven off, we were glad to see them mosey.

Who says the American West is tamed? No one told the snake, or the hawk, or the cottontail, or even the hugely fat grasshopper I saw today.

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