Saturday, October 30, 2004

I hadn't seen Roger in 12 years, but time hadn't changed how charming he is. Back when I was sweet and innocent (yeah...right) we dated. I loved his English accent, furry chest, cooking skills, and .... well, his other skills. Things didn't work out the way I wanted, but that's life. I moved to Tucson soon afterwards. In the typical small-world of Arizona he has been dating my friend Richard for the last year. I'm so happy for them, they are both sweet guys and it was nice to catch up at Richard's pumpkin carving party.

Roger and Richard.

I attempted to make a pumpkin based on the recent discovery of a species of miniature humans. Not sure how successful I was, it's hard to show human skeletal anatomy on a pumpkin. One of my more arcane skills is the ability to identify small bits of bone as human or non-human, as well as tell you what bone or portion of bone it is. With human remains I can sex, age, identify certain diseases, and so on. Yeah, yeah, yeah, comes in real handy at the supermarket. I've watched the CSI show before and it is so obvious they use plaster or plastic casts, I suppose because it is rather difficult to find actors willing to be skeletonized for a bit part. How's that for a spooky entry?

Pygmy Homo erectus pumpkin.

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