Monday, October 04, 2004

Personal observations. Ohmigod, is it a complete waste of time to look through the personals on gay.com to find a boyfriend? I mean, so many guys think "straight acting" is a good virtue. Exactly what is straight acting? I don't know many straight guys that like to have sex or date other guys. To me it just says "self hating" instead.

Secondly, lying in your profile is a great way to start a relationship. Looking at pictures you quickly realize that once guys hit 40 a whole bunch start shaving years off their age. That just don't work. After a while no 55 year old man can pass for 42. I guess it happens because there are a lot more older guys looking for younger guys, than vice versa.

And the pictures you see! I found a guy in Phoenix using the pictures of a blogger living in San Francisco. Remarkably, he stated that honesty was one of the things he valued. Other times it is like guys post the most unflattering photos possible. I well realize that not every day is a pretty day, but oh my....

Well it was entertaining, but I didn't feel inclined to send out any emails to anybody. Maybe I'll run into somebody at the supermarket.

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