Friday, November 12, 2004

Getting busy. The next two months are jam-packed with excitement at Homer'sWorld. Next Tuesday's episode will feature a month long visit by Mummy. She's pretty easy to entertain, a few mystery books and some coffee, but I hope I'll be sane when she leaves. During her visit I'll be hosting a Mystery Dinner on the 20th and my annual holiday party on December 5. After she's left I have surgery on the 21st, then lie in state while well-wishers bring me bon-bons and People magazine. On January 4th I head to England for 8 days for a conference.

I've never talked about the fact that having a packed calender tends to make me irritable and cranky, I could never be the president and have four or five useless events daily to attend to. Just knowing the next couple of weekends are booked makes me all anxious. Maybe 2005 will be less busy and hopefully I'll still have a job, since the booming economy sucks so badly at the moment.

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