Tuesday, December 21, 2004

In preparation for today's double hernia surgery I watched the season finale of the Swan last night. I'd never seen the show before, although I knew what it was about. It was amazing what plastic surgery, make up, and exercise can do to average housewives. The woman that won kinda looks like a porn star, but then maybe that is a good thing since her idiot husband divorced her for being unattractive when she was half-way through the process.

This morning I ran around the house cleaning, getting things ready so I can lie in bed and have my weeping friends bring me food and gifts and read uplifting poetry while I am out of my mind from the most excellent pain killers the doctor had better prescribe me. I am a baby about pain and I'm guessing that the internal prodding that is happening today will involve lots of ouches and owies.

Now if only I could train Puff to bring me a glass of water when I want one.

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