Wednesday, December 08, 2004

On the way home from work I called Archerr. He was telling about his plaid shirts. I commented on how I had been thinking about my monkey arms. Basically my arms are so long that it is impossible to find normal shirts that have long enough sleeves. I've tried the Big & Tall stores (which should really be called Overweight & Tall Guy Ugly Shirts stores). Never any shirts there that I would want to wear (how many red and white striped oxfords do you need?). So I buy regular long sleeved shirts and they shrink a little and my forearms stick out. Yada-yada, etc. I like summer weather for that reason.

Tonight Mummy and I had dinner with Bob and Steve. Mummy likes their dog Peaches a great deal, plus she likes their house, and she likes them. She told me it was the highlight of her visit. And later after we got home she grumbled because I had taped Lost and she doesn't care for it. She kept getting confused as I fast-forwarded through the commercials. "Isn't it done yet?" she said, "It is too violent!" Meanwhile she is busy reading one of the mystery books that she likes to read, you know, the ones where two or three or four people are bumped off in new and interesting ways.


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