Saturday, January 29, 2005

After the doctor groped me, while I was coughing, he announced that the hernia surgery had been a success. So now if/when we meet you no longer have to worry about an Alien-like explosion of intestines ruining your new shirt.

I ended up over at David G. and Abe's house and David made me some nice warm tea. we sat and chatted about vitally important issues (wrinkles, shower curtains, Maggie Spelling) and a nice time was had.

I've been seeing all of those snowy pictures and feel ashamed to admit that the wildflowers are starting to bloom in Tucson. Not a dirty sort of shame, I guess it is more of a fortunate kinda shame. This summer when it is 14 billion degrees here you can feel the same way, I guess.

Bush with yellow flowers.

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