Saturday, January 22, 2005

Sorting through six months worth of bills, getting ready for tax time. Now that's what I call a rockin' great time. Fuck yeah! I have a spot in my one closet where I drop bills, old letters or postcards, and GBLT material for sorting. Every six months or so I pull out the appropriate folders and drop things in. Somehow I always manage to lose one or two crucial bills and they turn up months later. Very annoying.

My day was sooo exciting. Ordered some records on microfilm for the family history books I'm writing. Went to a stamp show (I know, I'm a total geek). My mother started my US stamp collection when I was a kid. Every other year they have a nation-wide show here and I take $20 and fill in gaps in my collection. Today bought a handful of stamps from the early 1900s. Amazingly enough, there were no hot guys at the show, unless you like really elderly men. As I was looking at stamps the dealer noted that one of the attendees was blind and wondered whether he could even see the stamps. I told him he was probably there because he liked the taste of the gum they use on the back of the stamps. He laughed. Uproarious stamp humor. Yes, I can be a geek.

Chatted with Archerr and assured him I don't own a feather boa. I'm thinking of buzzing my hair off. It has been growing out now since November or so and it is getting long (for me that is). The problem is the general sparseness on top. Although some people have told me it looks good, I think it is trending towards combover status. I do not (repeat do not) want to turn into my father, who had one of those Extreme Combovers, you know the ones that start at ear level and swoop all the way over to the other ear. Nobody was ever fooled by that gimmick. So I pulled out the clippers and then chickened out, I think I'll sleep on my big bouffant and decide tomorrow.

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