Sunday, March 06, 2005

Brian and I made the mistake of peering into a toilet in one of the model rooms at IKEA. An unpleasant surprise was discovered. We did not make the mistake again.

Saturday started out with lunch with Larry and David M. at the B-Line cafe.

David M. and Larry.

I had a roasted vegetable sandwich. The best part were the potato chips- easily the best ones that I have ever had.

Still life with expresso.

We chatted and hung out for a while, then it was time to say adieu and head north to Phoenix to La Casa de Brian.

On the way up I-10 threatening storm clouds became visible.

Cloud at the summit of Picacho Peak.

Soon it started pouring rain and amazingly enough, no one really slowed down. People drove like maniacs. I, on the other hand, drove like a granny and met no awful fate. I arrived at Brian's abode an hour late, but Elliott the Cat did not care.

On the ride over to Adam's house I contributed to the first text message I have ever sent. We again arrived safely and Adam gave me the tour. I admired the highlights and mostly kept quiet whenever I saw a horrible historically inaccurate detail. He has a lovely home and the biggest koi fish I have ever seen.

It is about a foot long.

At the vegetarian Asian restaurant I had the moo shoo vegetables. Adam partook of the sizzling rice dish, and to make Jonny happy I snapped a picture of it. I tried out one of Brian's mushrooms and in my haste to get it out of my mouth, it flew out onto the table, impressing the guys. It was the most awful mushroom I have ever had in my mouth.

Sizzling rice and vegetables.

The boys, post-fortune cookie.

After dropping Adam off, Brian and I returned to his abode and made exciting plastic bead mosaics. We also watched part of Can't Stop the Music, and I finally begged Brian to turn that mess off. It was so bad it was just plain bad. I was embarrassed for Steve Guttenberg, luckily it didn't kill his career. (I just checked, he's co-starring in the new version of The Poseiden Adventure!).

A restless night's sleep and this morning Brian and I were off to breakfast where I enjoyed the yummy Monkey Waffles, with a liberal amount of bananas, toasted coconut, and sliced almonds.

We journeyed to Tempe to visit IKEA, where we made the aforementioned discovery. Now, I think the last time I was in IKEA was in 1996 in San Diego. My tastes have changed since then. Most of the furniture just looked cheap. The housewares looked cheap. The only things I cared for were the curtains and a few odds and ends. I was amazed at the amount of junk people were carting out of there. I think I can avoid going back, although I highly recommended their gooseberry preserves.

Lunch in Scottsdale at a pizza place, then a trip to BS West to meet Brian's adorable friend Shane. He was wearing really fun plaid pants. I am a fan of the liberal use of plaid.

On the drive home I was amazed at the first burst of wildflowers. The lower areas near Phoenix and Picacho Peak are beginning to bloom with lupines, poppies, brittlebush, and some red and orange ones I don't know.



I stopped at Picacho and got out of my car to photograph. It was easy to forget I was only 50 feet away from I-10, the colors were so beautiful.

Back home the cats climb on me and everything feels right.

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