Saturday, March 19, 2005

I overcooked the asparagus at the Furry Friends of Homer and Panchesco (and Gretchen) dinner last night. Woefully overcooked them, they were rather disgusting. But people still seemed to have a good time in my crowded dining room.

A blurry view- Sandy, Jeffrey, Lagrand, Panchesco, Gretchen, Jimbo, and Patrick.

We withdrew to the living room for an exciting game of Loteria, also known as Mexican Bingo. The 99 cent store is the place to go for inexpensive fun. Jimbo had the honor of being the first to win a prize, he selected Jenny, a doll with a bizarrely wicked look to her.

Jenny and Jimbo, who is more evil?

Everyone managed to win a prize, some, like Panchesco, were lucky enough to score a couple.

Panchesco with animal-shaped squirt guns.

We traveled afterwards to the Venture Inn where I was introduced to Buster, a sometimes porn star with a balloon fetish. Poor Buster, the Venture is going downhill and was almost empty, seems like people are staying home or going out way late. After posing for pictures in the sling they had set up, Jimbo and I decided to come home early.

He's still sleeping in, perhaps a bit tired because Mama Cat decided that last night was the time for her to show off her skill at catching her toys and meowing very loudly whenever she did so. Finally I put her toys away and she behaved the rest of the night.

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