Monday, March 28, 2005

Okay, so Kevin had tater tots and a BLT, in case you were wondering.

Last night I took Reggie to karoake so he could meet some people in Tucson. He's here for a couple of months from Orange County. At karaoke we ran into Joe and his friend Dan. Oh Dan was a cutey (really, he's a hottie I guess, I wish I had brought my camera along). I was being chatty and asked where his bf was. Of course it turned out he's a 22-year-old straight guy who bartends at another gay bar. If I were a cute straight guy that is the kinda job I would have had during college- make lot of tips, get to meet straight women who hang out with gay guys, get drunk and forgetful the next morning kinda thang. As we were talking the horrible attempts to sing were going on in the background. One guy was so bad he was actually good and I admired his punkish demeanor.

Today I chatted briefly with Kevin and accomplished a lot at work and had a good day. Plus my irises are starting to bloom in my front yard.


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