Thursday, March 10, 2005

People wanted details on the ascaris worm story. I started researching the topic, and I'm sorry but it is so gross that I couldn't subject you to a detailed discussion of how one gets infected (please wash your hands).

In the case of the unfortunate student, the yukky worms sometimes get into peoples lungs and when they are adult they sometimes like to take a hike (or slither or crawl) and leave the body to mate and lay eggs. The story I was told was that this girl was sitting in science class and the student sitting next to her saw the worm coming out her nose. Screaming ensued. The science teacher, heroic lesbian that she was, grabbed the worm and pulled it out. It was about a foot long. Yuck.

I stopped walking around barefoot after seeing it all preserved in that bottle. Nasty. It was on the shelf next to the bottled horse fetus. Equally nasty, but less likely to come out of someone's nose.

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