Sunday, April 03, 2005

Many things happened at Richard's birthday party. Richard looked dashing. He gave me a penis-shaped sucker which I managed to misplace, how typical. I instructed people not to look at the camera lens but they usually did so anyways. Reggie glanced at a guy. Jim, Chris, and I agreed that kumquats fresh from the tree were delicious. I drank too much champagne, but not so much as another guest. I told an extremely naughty story to an appreciative audience. A team of muskox-like boys stood on the front porch in a circle, preventing their fellow wolf-like party-goers from getting close. The guys eitehr loved my vintage western shirt or told me how much they hated it. I should have taken more pictures, here are some that turned out:

Richard and his Pretty, Pretty Princess game.

Reuben can't look like a badguy no matter how hard he tries.

Homer and Jamie, seated near the muskox guys.

Every birthday boy deserves admirers.

The 3Rs gang- Reggie, Richard, and Roger.

Chris: cute boy alert, code red.

Waiting for the party to be over.

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