Friday, May 20, 2005

The Dig, Day 2. We continued inside the house, removing more dirt and going deeper. We are finding more prehistoric artifacts in some areas, while in another area we appear to have a large pit filled with trash (animal bone, majolica pottery, a musket ball, and O'odham pottery) thrown away sometime between 1775 and 1850.

Today the workers found a lot of prehistoric pottery, some of it decorated with spirals, lines, zig zags, and even a pair of birds.

Hohokam pottery.

No one knows what these people called themselves, we call them the Hohokam. They made painted pottery in Tucson for about a thousand years. The designs changed through time, kinda like clothing styles change. We can date many of the designs to small time spans- 25 to 50 years, because we have carbon dated plant remains found in burned houses with decorated pots lying on their floors.

As if I couldn't get enough digging during work hours, now I have to dig a new gasline trench from my house to the guest house- 75 ft long, one ft wide, and 1.5 ft deep. I started this afternoon and was very thankful to find the dirt is easy to dig. Guess how I'll be spending my weekend? And $2,300 dollars too. Blech.

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