Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Dig, Day 5. Another freakishly hot day. Inside the house we finished digging another pit filled with Presidio-era trash. The people living in the Spanish fort would dig holes in the ground to mine out dirt to make adobe bricks and caliche (a lime layer that develops in the arid Southwest) to make plaster or adobe. Afterwards they tossed their trash in the pits. We find them as we scrape dirt away because the fill dirt inside the pit is a different color than the surrounding dirt, as well as having a different degree of compaction and many artifacts.

Middle room, with pits visible.

The pit we completed today had many pieces of Mexican majolica, a type of glazed ceramic made in Oaxaca or Puebla, Mexico. The blue varieties were made to look like Chinese porcelains. We find mostly fragments from plates and bowls, with a smaller number of cups.

Blue varieties of majolica.

We started a new area along the east side of the house. Geez, it was horribly dusty- I'm still blowing dirt out of my nose and I wore one of those dust masks. We found a mixture of stuff, including these colorful artifacts:


Tonight is the season finale of Lost and then I'm done with the telly for the summer. Maybe I'll be productive and work on my books, maybe I'll just be lazy. Well, not too lazy since I have to work on my guesthouse before someone else can live there- drywall, a new door, a new lighting fixture, maybe a fan for the bathroom. What a money pit.

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