Monday, May 02, 2005

I cancelled my newspaper subscription today. About a month ago the paper decided to revise its editorial page by adding more conservative columnists. i could have lived with that, except they included Ann Coulter.

Ann, oh Ann. How many ways to despise? She is truly a vile person. Last October she came to campus to speak and a couple of students threw a pie at her. In a recent column she brought this up as an example of how awful liberals were, claiming that good Republicans had beat the two guys up and broken their bones. This, as in most factual claims Madame Coulter makes, was a lie.

I don't want a miniscule sliver of a penny that I pay for the newspaper subscription to go to her, to enrich her in any way. I made sure the person who took down my cancellation noted that the sole reason was Ann Coulter. Maybe the newspaper will get the hint if enough people do the same.

In brighter news, I bought Puff and Joey new collars and they are running around making the bells ring. At the pet store there was a tank full of beautiful bright goldfishes. I admired them until I realized that they were probably waiting to be eaten by some nasty pirahna instead of gracing an aquarium.

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