Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I survived the trip to NYC- although I almost didn't survive the trip from the airport home. I didn't know the parking brake was set and after 10 miles of that the brakes decided to vanish. A quick U-turn prevented Allison and I from being hurt (really, if I hadn't turned I probably would be the hospital, it was that close).

Anyhoo... I love New York City. It is an amazing place. I love the subways and the diversity of people and the smells. I didn't see a single rat.

I did spend quality time with Hazel and Norman at Les and Chris' B & B.

I spent time wandering in Central Park because the library I wanted to go to wasn't open until the afternoon.

The cherry blossoms were beautiful.
I completed my research and hung out some with Les and Chris. Les cooked a really great Moroccan dish whose name I can't remember.

I kept getting north and south screwed up so walked wayyyyy out of the way on the way to the Blogger meeting at Barrage. While there I caused a shirt fire, was groped twice, kissed once, stumbled over gray ottomans, felt two men's chests, and met many cool guys and a couple of nifty women. Pictures below.

BJ and Boy Wonder.

Alan and Homer.

Glenn, who is cute in every photo I see of him.

Jimbo and Eric.

Mark and Brian, who also never take a bad photo.

Jeff, Brian, and Chris.

The next day I headed over to Joe's house while hungover. In the afternoon Joe, Ed, and I wandered a bit.

Joe battles Godzilla.

I admired the flowers.

That night Ed and I watched a silly movie about an earthquake destroying NYC. Ed is from Philadephia and is quite adorable.

The next day after waffles.

Last night I hung out with Glenn's boyfriend Derek, who is such a sweety. He entertained me royally while Glenn did work-related stuff, they make a cuddly couple.

Back in Tucson, five hours at the Saturn dealership, a house filled with cat hairballs. I'll update this entry with links and additional photos tomorrow, when I am more awake.

A fountain at Joe's building.

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