Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Just to clarify things, I don't "hate" personal ads. I'm not a big fan of them. But I'll reserve "hate" for people who club baby seals to death and that sort of thing. Unlike a certain nasty New York blogger, I rarely hate people, it's just a fucking waste of time to do so and I'd rather focus my energy on better things.

An example- tonight I had a goodbye meal with Jeffrey T., who is moving to Boston to go to Boston College. We met two years ago at my birthday party and the time we have spent together since then has been very special. He's a funny, handsome, charming man. I'm a bit sad to see him leave Tucson, but more glad that he is off pursuing his dreams. I'm planning a visit to Boston next year, so I'll get to see him then.

Homer and Jeffrey T.

I haven't done much field archaeology over the last couple of years (I've been trapped in the office writing reports) but finally I have a project coming up that will give me the opportunity to write about an archaeological dig for the next three weeks. Hopefully, we'll find some interesting things and I'll share them with you guys. Wish me luck.

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