Wednesday, May 04, 2005

So I'm in Brooklyn and the cherry and apple trees are blooming like crazy and it is a little chilly (Chas and Mark, bring a sweater!). The two jets I rode on were half empty. I spent an hour on the subway, always interesting to people watch. I sat on Les's front stoop and chatted with Archerr until Les came. We chatted, he's on the phone talking to his box about some work crisis.

I read my email and discovered that someone is planning to come to the blogger gathering on Friday to ask me, I guess, on why I banned him from commenting on my weblog. I had a few comments that I perceived as negative from him and the last one, which arrived when I was feeling depressed earlier this year, was enough. I banned his comments, and then was accused of being a "pathetic hypocrite." Honestly, I didn't need the added stress at the time. It is my blog, I guess I have every right to do so.

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