Friday, July 01, 2005

I moved my toaster this morning and there was a REPUBLICAN underneath! I was on the phone with David G. and he got to hear me scream like Sandra Day O'Connor being chased by Clarence Thomas in his chambers. Just like many prominent Republicans, it scurried around, flailing nasty body parts. It disappeared back underneath the toaster and when I grabbed it with the paper towel is half exploded, revealing that, like many Republicans, it did not believe in birth control and was full of Young Republicans, just ready to hatch and spread more nastiness around our beloved, beautiful country. Thank god there wasn't Santorum involved!

Roachus Republicanus.

I look at what is happening to our country today, the rise of the religious right, the abuse of our constitutional rights, the fact that half of the country is willing to look the other way and support a liar just because they think he is a believer in their version of a god, it frightens me a great deal. I have faith, though, that people will eventually wake up and get tired of the morons in power and cast them aside.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday weekend!

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