Sunday, August 07, 2005

Doug K. came over and while he was working on the back step of the guest house, I weed-whacked. Afterwards he began the process of putting a patio on the backside of my house.

He used redwood 2 x 6 boards as a frame and shoveled in several large bags of sand. The sand was tamped down, and another is needed before the bricks can be laid.

I've been collecting bricks since 1999, saving them when they turn up during my archaeology digs. Finally they are going to be of use, but first I have to remove the old mortar and sort them into piles- they come in two sizes, three types, and the broken ones have to be set aside to be cut into half bricks.

A small percentage of the bricks are stamped with the initials of a company that operated a brick factory near my house between 1891 and 1960. Doug is going to randomly place these in my new patio.

Stamped bricks.

In the afternoon, pool volleyball at Richards and then karoake with Patrick, Brady, and Panchesco (we sang Tainted Love, which is a perfect pop song, as is Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood).

Afterward I took Patrick and Brady to KFC. Ohmifrickengreasepit-o-nastiness. That place is just low, low, low. Dirty floor and furniture. Flecks of chicken coating. Poor Susie had to have double mashed potatoes because they were out of corn. Nasty. I am a saint for entering the den of pressure cooked juvenile Gallus gallus.

At home I am tired and should pack for my trip to Vancouver tomorrow, but instead I am going to bed a bit early.

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