Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Larry and Eric live a block away from the ocean here in Vancouver. This morning while Larry worked at home, I wandered down to the beach. First I looked at some seaweed covered rocks and searched for little interesting animals. I saw a single tiny fish and lots of purple molluscs. I then wandered over to the nearby brambles and sat on a huge drift-log and plucked juicy blackberries. The ugliest ones were the tastiest.

A few hundred yards away I plopped myself onto a towel and discretely stared at the hotties around me. Two in particular- a tall brunette with a furry chest and an equally furry muscle-bound blonde- I attempted to take pictures of (so bad!).

Earlier that morning we saw a pair of bald eagles fly over, chased by some crows. I really like what I've seen of Vancouver.

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