Sunday, August 28, 2005

Some answers. Twenty-two questions- sheesh, that's a lot.

1). Robert asked what true answer to any question would I like to know. I'm kinda being selfish and would ask to know the identities of the parents of one of my ancestors. I've been trying to figure that out since 1977.

2). Peter asks- Beatles or Elvis. Definitely late Beatles.

3). Wayne wants to know if I've ever counted my pubic hairs. You first.

4). Mark wonders what five things I'd look for in a man: brains, liberal, furry, asks questions, interesting.

5). Chris wants to know what attainable thing I don't have- a nice boyfriend.

6). Jimski wants to know what I've tried for my arthritic heel. Other than complaining, I haven't done anything. I trip to the doctor is next.

7). Purpletwinkie asks what an ideal day would be. On the beach, good book, cute redhead, lots of smoochin.

8). Jennir wonders if I have ever kept any artifacts from my digs. Nope, I try not to bring work home. Most artifacts I find are pretty ugly. The nice ones might end up on display, and I like the idea of going to a museum and seeing something I found.

9). Jack Hampster wants to know how I keep my stomach in shape. I don't- I really could lose a few pounds.

10). Marc asks what the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is. I honestly don't know, I'm too busy swallowing.

11). Prince Charming asks if I've ever lusted after a woman. Nope. He also wonders if I have many close straight friends. Yes, I have lots. One of my best friends is Patrick O., an archaeologist I've known for 18 years.

12). Albert asks what my second career choice would be. POLE DANCER!

13). Ron queries me about practical jokes. The only one that comes to mind was me and Les convincing Kathi F. that gay men had to wear butt tampons after the first time they had anal sex.

14). Harry asked how old I was when I had my first romantic kiss. 22, with Bruce.

15). Keith wonders if I was spoiled because I was the youngest. I don't think so.

16). Gary wonders what city I'd live in besides Tucson. Boston, I think.

17). Meg wants to know what I would most like to find (in terms of archaeology, I assume). I'd like to find one of my ancestors homes and dig it up- to see how the documents compare with the artifacts.

18). Kurt asks about what kind of archaeology book I would write. I could do a tell-all "Secrets of the Archaeologists."

19). David B. wonders what time I wake up. At the moment 5:30 AM.

20). Moby wants my personal data- he'll get an email with something personal in it.

21). Jeff asks what blogger I'd like to spend a weekend with. Well, it would have to be Archerr- I spent a few days with him last year and we had a lot of fun. If it was someone I hadn't met before, Rusty or Moby would be candidates.

22). Lump wants to know who is my favorite bald guy. So many bald men- Brady is someone I'm glad to have met recently.

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