Friday, August 05, 2005

Third day out in the sun this week. Hours later my head still feels hot. Two trips to Ace Hardware to get a belt for the evaporative cooler. It is working but the humidity is so high it doesn't make much difference. Raining again, everything is getting green. Time to whack the weeds.

Someone asked me if I was a looney left liberal. I guess I am if the definition includes:

- balanced budgets
- protection of the environment
- equal rights
- paying taxes is a patriotic duty
- the US uses one-quarter of the world's resources, we should give something back
- religion and government should be kept separate
- our army should only be used for national security purposes, not to settle old scores
- and so on

I dunno, I think I am more mainstream than looney. It is the Republican party that has gotten all freaky. Honestly, the president says that "Intelligent Design" should be taught alongside evolution. Well, why the fuck aren't we teaching astrology along with astronomy and alchemy along with chemistry? Fuckwit.

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