Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I am so over crybaby Christian conservatives whining about "traditional marriage" and "intelligent design." There are no lucid, thoughtful reasons that two fags or two dykes can't get hitched. I well remember the most Christian wedding/freak show I attended. That one didn't last long. I could care less who my fellow Tucsonans get married to. The fact that so many fundamentalist, straight Christians can't keep their minds off of this topic suggests their minds are just fucked-up. Really!

Oh Madge, don't get me going on "Unintelligent Attempt to Enshrine a Specific Christian Origin Myth Design" shite in our schools. Firstly, there is the problem of all of those darn fossils. They keeping popping out of sedimentary rocks like flies land on crap. Lots of them. Secondly, they change through time, you can actually date the rocks (but not marry them!) and follow the great transformation of little shrew-like creatures into modern humans or little mini horses into Clydesdales dragging Budweiser wagons. Sure, there are gaps. But considering that the science of human paleontology is only about 150 years old or so, and has seen most discoveries only since the late 1950s, is it any wonder we haven't found every fricken kind of fossil? Really!

Have the proponents of "Intelligent Shite" really thought about the consequences of removing evolution from our schools? That would certainly fuck up the study of biology. I wonder who would go on to make advances in medical research? Probably scientists in other countries. Let's put the United States on the path to mediocracy because certain people are so insecure about their religious beliefs that they feel compelled to force them on the rest of us. Really!

In other news, check here for an interview with Bob Mould, a fellow blogger and uber-nice (and hot) musician.

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