Saturday, September 10, 2005

Several people tagged me with this meme, and normally I don't do these but my nose is like a faucet and so other than scrubbing the car I didn't do anything interesting today and so on.

Seven things I plan to do before I die:

1. Take a cake decorating class.
2. Work on an archaeology dig in Turkey.
3). Find Mr. Right.
4). Laugh a lot more.
5). Be debt free.
6). See an elephant in the wild.
7). [censored!!!]

Seven things I can do:

1). Make really good cheesecake.
2). Research family history.
3). Have conversations with just about anyone.
4). Raise friendly kittens.
5). Plastic bead mosaics.
6). Read the dirt well.
7). Host fun parties.

Seven things I cannot do:

1). Swim very well.
2). Kill an animal.
3). Parallel park quickly.
4). Enjoy being really drunk.
5). Find long sleeve shirts which have sleeves that fit correctly.
6). Currently, have the same rights as a heterosexual male.
7). Find a good quality in our present president.

Seven things that I find attractive in a man:

1). Personality, personality, personality.
2). Lots of brains.
3). Furry.
4). Good teeth.
5). Laughs a lot.
6). Flirty.
7). Likes me for what/who I am.

Seven things I say most often:

1). Fabulous!
2). Super!
3). Jesus Fucking Christ.
4). Shut the fuck up, you fucking fuck (whenever I hear George Bush’s voice)
5). Puff, stop that!
6). Yuck (after I step in cat puke)
7). possibly or probably

Seven celebrity crushes:

1). Matthew Fox
2). Jeff Probst
3). Zak Spears
4). Tinman
5). Dogpoet
6). Moby
7). Chris Melloni

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