Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I'm officially sick of righteous religious folks stirring up trouble. I was going to write something detailed about this, but the Reader's Digest version is that conservative Christians have Jumped the Shark. They are now endangering their fellow Americans. Will India and China overtake us in biological sciences because so many American students are dumbed down by intelligent design shit? Will we create more Arab terrorists because Christian military officers condone the abuse of Muslims. And so on. Our country should be figuring out ways to conserve energy, develop alternative energy, protect the environment instead of screaming because two fudgepackers might get a fancy wedding reception at the Elks Lodge.

Instead of that shit I'm thinking about my upcoming 7th Annual Cookie Decorating and Craft Party on December 11. Woohoo! Cookies to decorate, ornaments and plastic bead mosaics to make. I'm decorating my Holiday Tree with some vintage stuff I got on Ebay. Won't you come and make something with pipe cleaners?

And my mother is coming to stay for three months. I need to find a boyfriend real quick, real fast...

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