Wednesday, November 02, 2005

The slowly unfolding scandals in Washington, D.C. are kinda like an Agatha Christie mystery. Little by little the facts are revealed, the lines connected. Add in the politics and at times I have to turn away from the computer because it is both stressful and exciting.

On to more insipid things. Amazing Race pretty much sucks this season, all of the people blend together and it is difficult to figure out who is who. All I know is I can't stand that Italian mother, what a complete witch. Her voice grates, grates.

I'm really liking Lost, if only they showed a new episode again! I also like the Invasion show that follows, mainly because Eddie Cibrian is a total hottie.

I saw the Wallace & Gromit movie and it was alright, but I liked the short film that was before the movie better.

We agreed at the dig today that Karl Rove is repulsive, he looks like a greedy pig, which is somehow apt. I wonder if he will be getting in trouble too?

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