Wednesday, November 23, 2005

When I'm running an archaeology dig, Friday's mean Queen Donuts. I stop at the donut shop and say hello to the owner or his wife. I let them pick the dozen, they always put in a bearclaw, so I'm always happy.

I like the simpler donuts, and I'm not so fond of the chocolate ones.

We have two more field days on our current project. We are working in the backyard of the 1860s-1870s house that is going to be converted into a museum.

Backyard from the 11th floor.

Today we worked in an outhouse from the 1880s- not a huge number of artifacts but there were some bottles, a chamber pot lid, and a clay pipe.

Jeff in the privy.

You know when you are getting toward the base of an outhouse- the dirt turns green. We made lots of jokes about poop today.

In other news, Mom has settled in and is enjoying the nice warm weather. I'm going to try to make a cranberry upsidedown cake tomorrow- hopefully my too-hot oven won't burn it!

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