Thursday, December 22, 2005

Mummy broke an antique piece of china today and was worried I'd be upset. Well, what can you do about it once it is broken? It was a small butter dish I purchased at an antique store because I'd once dug up a matching plate in a well in Phoenix.

Instead of lashing out and screeching, which many normal people would do, I made Mummy a lemon meringue pie.

Mummy had wanted one last night but the store didn't have any. So I whipped one up tonight, entailing two trips to Mexican Safeway and two occasions to stare at beefy, blonde Byron. Mummy mentioned that she wanted lots of meringue, so I went all out and made a 5-egg white meringue. It towers above the surprisingly easy-to-make lemon filling. The lemons, by the way, were picked right off a tree and squeezed and peel-grated.

We are waiting for it to cool before slicing into that lightly browned meringue coated pie.

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