Monday, December 12, 2005

Sometimes watching the evening news makes me so angry. Even with my mother here I cursed at the telly- "Fuckwad" to George Bush, "Piece of fucking shit" to "Killer" Arnold S., "Fucking Bush clone" to the Prime Minister of Australia. In California a man is to be executed for killing three people. Meanwhile, Our Beloved Leader admits that at least 30,000 Iraqis have died as a result of his little play war. Please note that Iraq has one-tenth of the US population. How would we feel if a country invaded us and 300,000 people died? So who is the worse criminal? Why aren't the Christian "Right-to-Lifers" screeching about all of those deaths?

Another thing that pisses me off. Circumcision. What a disgusting practice. "Hey, lets cut the end of a little boy's penis off!" Who thought of that? It is just plain weird. As Beaverhausen has noted a couple of days ago, half of the boys born in the United States today are escaping the knife. Too bad that the majority of guys in my generation got mutilated by doctors and weirdo-American parents.

So what is pissing you off today?

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