Monday, December 26, 2005

Tucson is at elevation 2,500 ft above sea level. Less than an hour away are mountains that are at about 9,300 ft. Mummy and I and Larry and Eric drove up the mountain yesterday to have a picnic.

Larry and Eric.

The drive up is fairly tame, they have straightened the road out and made many pullouts for viewing scenic scenes.


The picnic spot we found had large logs to sit on and somehow we didn't make a mess with the messy pomegranate that I brought along.

Burnt tree.

The forest fires of a few years ago have changed the mountains in unexpected ways. Summerhaven is being rebuilt with huge, glitzy new condos replacing the homemade cabins. Larry was upset at the burned trees. I was more interested to see how well the land was healing.

Mummy and Homer.

At the top Eric and I debated the important question, "Spruce or fir?" and never reached a satisfactory conclusion, mainly because there were five huge conifer trees in a row and all were different species. I selected a few pine cones for next year's holiday wreath, and we drove back down the side of the mountain.

Mummy says it doesn't feel like Christmas because it was in the 80s. I say it doesn't feel like it because the family stress, the horror stories about my problem-filled cousins, the snow and ice- are all absent.

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