Saturday, December 31, 2005

Usually I hate New Year's Eve- the day I spend thinking about how things could have been better and so on. Now sure why this year is different, but for some reason for the first time in a long time I'm in an excellent mood on the last day of the year.

End-of-the-year photograph, 2005.

Some goals for 2006:

1). Lots of trips. I'm hoping to go to SF, DC, NYC, Boston, Michigan, Hermosillo [Mexico] and even north to Phoenix to visit Brian. Maybe even a road trip out to LA/San Diego.

2). Lots of interesting work. A busy Homer is a happy Homer.

3). Lots of dates. No more sitting home on Friday nights!

4). Learn some new skills: cake decorating (a useful thing to know), website design, mosaic making.

5). Convince Archerr to get on a plane and come visit my messy house.

Stay tuned to see what happens...

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